Eleventh Day!

This 12 Days of Bracelets Event has been really fun for me,  and I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone who submitted suggestions for new pieces.

I've gone through every single idea, finding such amazing inspiration among your intentions, color selections, and favorite stones. Every single one of them had my creative energy soaring, playing with color and different energies. There are some really beautiful stones coming to my mailbox soon!

The bad news is, I found it impossible to pick just one winner. Each suggestion was special in its own right. 

Here's the really great news, though......(drumroll, please!)

Each piece I add to the shop that has been inspired by one of our 11 Day Suggestion entries will find a happy home with the person who suggested it, along with my gratitude.

I'll make sure to tag the post with its muse on Facebook and Instagram as each piece gets added. And watch for the new stones as they come in..I'll be sharing them with y'all as well!

Thank you again to everyone that entered the suggestion giveaway.

Wishing you everything wonderful in 2020,