The 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Four Elements Bracelet SetSometimes the inspiration for the sets I design come from an intention or mood. Other times it comes from a mixture of gemstone colors and textures that have been sitting on my table. This collection of bracelets grew from both.

I'd been wanting to add some Unakite pieces for a while and played with them in both matte and polished stones. The natural blend of earthy green and rosy brown pinks and their heart chakra energy make them a stone no crystal loving individual should be without. And it is the perfect Earth element crystal. I've incorporated Unakite into two pieces:

Unaite BraceletThe Pure Unakite Bracelet was designed with both 8mm and 6mm Unakite stones in both matte and polished formats. A piece filled with loving and kind radiance.

Unakite BraceletThe Great Day Bracelet brings in more texture and color with Riverstone and Old Tibetan Agate. These stones add health, peace, and positivity to the Unakite.  


    Ocean Jasper BraceletAnother stone I love for colors, natural texture, and highly polished shine is Ocean Jasper.  So much so that anything less than a 10mm sized stone doesn't give it the justice or showcase it deserves. Ocean Jasper's beautiful array of colors connects all of the Four Elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. It also connects with each of the Seven Chakras. Mixing it with other stones detracts from its beauty and power. Ocean Jasper's properties of additional loving energy, free communication, confidence and grounding peace make it an especially wonderful bracelet for anyone looking to bring balanced aura into their lives. And this is why I named this piece: "Perfect Balance Bracelet"

    Solar Plexus Bracelet ElementThere's a bracelet that's been in our shop for a while now. Our Solar Plexus + Sacral Chakra Bracelet. I switched up the original pendant for a beautiful golden Lotus Flower. The symbolism of Rebirth feels right for a bracelet with Palest yellow Turquoise with its Air Element colors and Sandstone with its Fire Element colors. 

    I left the collection with just these bracelets until I was cleaning out a case and found a beautiful strand of Aquamarine stones. Multicolored beryl shades of Aquamarine in golds, pale greens, light tans and mixed shades of blue. Imperfectly perfect stones. Our Go With The Flow Aquamarine Bracelet was actually inspired by a friend who mentioned my shortage of beachy summer bracelets. (Thank you, friend <3) Our Aquamarine bracelet radiates beach (earth), ocean (water) and warm sun (fire). A sunny gold shell's symbolism adds good fortune and beautiful journies to Aquamarine's metaphysical properties of protection, calmness, tranquility, free-flowing thought, and creativity. It's no wonder why Aquamarine is called the 'soothing stone'. These aquamarine gemstones represent Air, Earth, Water and a hint of Fire Element.

    I hope you'll enjoy these pieces as much as I do and that they bring great things.

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