The Wishlist and Coupon

We've added a wonderful new feature to our shop!  The ability to create a wishlist!

The best part is that you can create one without having to login or register on the site. If you do happen to register, you can share your wishlist with anyone you'd like. 

Just look for the  Add to Wishlist InJewels  or the  Add to wishlist jewelry and click!

Now for the coupon.......

Print a full size copy of this image:

 Heart to Color

Grab your colored pencils, paint, markers, glitter, whatever medium you choose and show us what you can do!

Send an image of it to us at:  (no smaller than 800px in height, please) and we'll email you a one time coupon for 20% off your purchase.

Here's the download:

Printable Heart in Full Size

Enjoy xo



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