Peace of mind arrives the moment you come to peace with the contents of your mind.~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Lepidolite is high in lithium content, making it a perfect mind quieting stone.

Crown, Third Eye, Heart + Throat Chakras 
Balances Emotions, Tranquility, Restful Sleep, Aids Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Hope, Optimism, Aids in Transitions, Absorbs Negativity, Clarity, Confidence, Openness

Root Chakra 
Confidence, Amplifies Intentions, Wisdom, Self Worth, Protection

This piece has been created with a majority of 8mm gemstones, Swarovski crystals, a bronze two-sided peace charm, and trim.

It arrives with an organic muslin jewelry bag along with a descriptive note card. Gift box available at checkout.

Cleansing + Charging

Focus on Your Goal.......
Your piece arrives to you already charged and ready for use or wear. Once you take it out of it's packaging, hold the stones close to you.  Close your eyes and focus on what you hope to accomplish. YOur intention. 

Periodically, the stones should be cleansed and recharged .

1. Place your piece outside or by a window where they can soak up moonlight over night. We recommend moonlight because some stones can fade in sunlight.  A few of the stones that are known to fade are amethyst, celestite, opal, and turquoise. 

2. After cleansing hold the piece close to you to fully charge it. Take some quiet time to focus and visualize your intentions. Breathe leisurely until you feel connected to that intention. 

Your crystals and gemstone pieces are now ready!

Custom Requests

We are happy to accomodate sizing requests. If you would like your piece created in a size other than what is listed, please add that request in a note during checkout. 

Women's pieces: If you would like your selection made larger than 8 1/4", please contact us before ordering

Men's pieces: If you would like your selection made larger than 9 1/4", please contact us before ordering.

Shipping Information

Each piece arrives cleansed, smudged and ready for wear!

Please note that each piece is hand made and ships in 3 to 5 business days*, regardless of the shipping method you choose. We offer free shipping on domestic orders over $40.  If you should need your purchase created faster, please contact us before ordering :)  Thank you!

*Please refer to our detailed shipping information regarding business days:

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