Thoughtfully Inspired Gemstone Jewelry~ Personalized

Heart Mender

$ 29.00
Lotus Flower Charm

A wound is a place where light enters your soul ~ Rumi

~ Clear Quartz ~ Pink Opal ~ Rhodonite ~ Angelite ~ Aventurine
Heart Chakra
Mind + Heart Clearing, Self Reflection, Understanding, Soothes Heartbreak, Self Compassion, Draws in Love, Spiritual Awakening, Emotional Healing. Restores Calm + Balance, Alleviates Grief, Healthy Self Expression, Builds Intuition, Moving Forward, Tranquility, New Beginnings

Add an optional Lotus Flower charm as a symbol of rebirth and growth.

We've designed the Heart Mender with natural 6mm sized stones. 

Your handmade bracelet will arrive in a soft organic cotton pouch accompanied by a description card with affirmation and stone properties. A gift box option is available at checkout

Here's How to Determine Size:

Simply measure your wrist in the area you'd like your bracelet to sit. Skimming the skin. Not loose, not tight. Add 1/2" to 3/4" to that for your bracelet size. The larger the stone size, the larger you'd like the bracelet to lean towards.

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