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Four Things A Day Project

A Great Article on Spiritual Growth

It's not often I suggest reading, but I thought this was well worth sharing. It gives 10 ways to grow and nurture your soul. 
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Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz....the stone of love.

I could leave it at that, since love is perhaps the most widely known of Rose Quartz's healing properties. But then you'd be missing out on so many of this pink gemstone's other wonderful meanings and powers.....

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On Making Resolutions

Know that saying....

My resolution is to make no more resolutions

Yeah well, the above is my resolution for my remainder of time on this planet. This year I am doing it differently.

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The (He)art of Giving, In Conclusion

We at the studio have been busy elves the past few weeks, and today perhaps being the busiest. The work day is over and I just received an email from a new customer who purchased from us during our (He)art of Giving event. 
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The He(art) of Giving

"A gift is something that is enjoyed twice. First by the giver who revels in the pleasure of giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives the gift."
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Gemstones and Crystals for a Healthy Pregnancy + Childbirth

Which gems, stones and crystals are said to best encourage a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery? We've compiled a list of gemstones for you that includes each gemstone's healing properties.
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Gems, Stones and Crystals for Increasing Fertility

Which gems, stones and crystals are said to best help boost fertility? Our list of fertility stones includes each gemstone's healing properties. We've included a few examples too!
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A Custom Design for Nicole

Nicole asked us to create a stretch fertility bracelet using a majority of Rose Quartz and Moonstone, with just a dash of Aventurine. She wanted a Believe bead as well.
We hope you love your bracelet and that it brings you wonderful things!
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A Custom Design for Tiffany

This past summer, Tiffany asked us to custom design a bracelet for her upcoming IVF. She visited us again in March to have a Childbirth and Labor bracelet designed for her. I'm in love with the way it came out.

Thanks, Tiffany! I hope it brings you a smooth delivery!

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Custom Fertility Bracelet for D'Andrea!

A customer asked us to customize a design for her.  Our  Golden Fertility Bracelet with the addition of Amethyst and a Golden Hamsa Charm.

We hope you love it, D'Andrea! And we hope it brings you wonderful things!!

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Custom Spiritual Bracelet for Irelle

When a customer asked us to create a bracelet for her, we jumped at the opportunity! She requested a stretch bracelet using Rutilated Quartz, Red Carnelian, Garnet, Aventurine and Citrine. Irelle asked for the focal bead to be an antique copper Buddha bead. 

Thanks Irelle! We hope you love the bracelet as much as we do!

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