Custom Bracelet for Irelle

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When a customer asked us to create a bracelet for her, we jumped at the opportunity! She requested a stretch bracelet using Rutilated Quartz, Red Carnelian, Garnet, Aventurine and Citrine. Irelle asked for the focal bead to be an antique copper Buddha bead. 

Thanks Irelle! We hope you love the bracelet as much as we do!

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Food for thought...




"You can't expect to get from life what you are not giving out." ~ A quote written by me and some food for thought for the day.


I can blame it on PMS or a number of other things, but the truth is....those mornings when I wake up stressed or cranky, I have pre-written my day. Stress and "crank" is what I am sending out to the world. And stress and additional reasons to be cranky is what I will attract.

I have learned that if I take a few minutes before getting out of bed and practice being mindful, I can change the energy of my day. I can let go of negative self talk and replace it with  affirming self talk. On those mornings where I wake up feeling stressed for all that lies ahead, I will lay for a few minutes and choose an affirmation that will help dig me out of negative energy. 

Today, my affirmation is
Today I choose joy
The bracelet I have chosen to wear today is my True Joy Bracelet.

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...But do fertility bracelets really work?

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I love what I do....creating jewelry. I love it when a customer calls or writes with a question or wanting help in picking out the perfect fertility bracelet. I love when a customer receives their piece and they write to let me know how much they love wearing it.

The most common question?  "...but do fertility bracelets REALLY work?" And I always try to come up with a short answer. But a short answer doesn't really do the question justice. An exercise is what does the question justice. 


An Exercise: 

Shut down the logical side of your brain for a bit. You know that side!!! The one that tells you something makes absolutely no sense. The one that tells you something isn't true unless there's been an infinitesimal number of medical studies. Go tuck that side of your brain in bed for a bit...and do exactly what I say right now:

1. Take a deep, slow breath. Exhale slowly and calmly. With each inhale think the word "I" for the entire length of the breath. With each exhale, think the word "Believe". Do it a few times, until your feel your shoulders and mind relax. 


Feeling more peaceful? (If your answer is no....keep doing it until your answer TRULY changes to yes and then continue to the next step.....

2. Read this article...until your shoulders tense up again, your mind wanders back into logic and noise and "I tried that already". Then, come back to reading here. me which step had you feeling better? I am hoping that the first step was the one and if that is true for you.


LIghtbulb moment: Stress does a body....bad. 


I get the stress of trying to get pregnant. It was a long road to motherhood for me and in many ways, has defined me (in a great way). Don't beat yourself up  or let anyone discourage you over whatever it is you are feeling. 


3. Now.....think about something that brings a smile to your face. (Pause) Find a photo on your phone that brings another smile to your face. (Longer pause) Is that peaceful, smiley feeling starting to come back again? Take that smile and really feel  "I Believe".


The gemstones and symbols that are in a fertility bracelets? They are said to have metaphysical properties, energies, vibrations and soul balancing spirituality all throughout civilization. I have put all of my pieces together using combinations of all of those things. I've done the "research" for you.  Believe it. Don't. Whatever works for you.

I wear bracelets.almost 24/7. Each morning, I'll put one (or a few) on. I'll pick them not because they match what I am wearing, but instead because they match or enhance or correct my mood.


Here's an example:

I have read that citrine attracts prosperity and success.  That it imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence. I put on a bright citrine bracelet today. By choosing that one, I started my day in the mindset of "confidence and enthusiasm". My bracelet, in a sense, was my cheerleader. My reminder of what I wanted to accomplish.


What I have learned from my journey with infertility, as well as from other trying journeys in life, is this: 

Your mind can make or break you. Be good to yourself. Don't let your mind and logic chip away and believing. 


Off the soapbox I go....and up to bed!! I'd love your thoughts on this post!!



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Relax With Passion


 I think sometimes we really forget (or maybe never have learned how) to....truly and passionately relax. 

There's a quote from one of my most favorite movies: Eat, Pray, Love....

“La Dolce Far Niente”

The character goes on to translate it to meaning the "art of doing nothing".

I translate it to meaning “Doing what freely comes from letting yourself have no shoulds and musts. Relax with passion"


So tonight my "freely comes" includes: writing, Mallomars, a great movie and a room filled with the scent of my favorite candle (at the moment).

What do you do for your own "freely comes"?


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Grey Rainy SkyOver here in New Jersey, it's been a few relentless days of chilly, rainy, grey, windy weather.

I can say now...I have loved having them. 

Three days of no makeup, fluffy fat socks, comfy clothing, no running around, cancelled plans, catching up with friends. And the best part of working in a studio within my home....sneaking in some cat naps while my husband and son of off doing their 9-5 and schoolday days. 

The first day, I actually ended up working my way through all of my paperwork. (Even WITH a nap!)

The first night, I relaxed with some tea, my boys, and Monday night football.

The second day, I made it to a yoga class for the first time in...I don't remember. And another nap, of course!

The second night, I started getting restless and dug into a part of my business that I hadn't touched in a long time...only to find I had a mini mess going on. That night? Ended at 2AM the next morning.

The third morning, with only a few hours of sleep and ALL of my work done, I finally sat down and got to the the part of my business I really love. Creating. And it's been a really positive and fun day for me, even with no nap :)

I am onto my third night now, and signing off to go enjoy it.....

Stay tuned for some really great new pieces in the weeks to come. Check back now and then in the New at InJewels section of the shop...and let me know what you think!


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