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Chrysoprase Healing Properties

Chrysoprase - The Stone of Receiving

What Is Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase, Chrysophrase or Chrysoprasus is a variety of chalcedony that contains small quantities of nickel. Its color is normally apple-green, but varies to deep green. 

Chrysoprase stones are medium to high luster gemstones and are rated a 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.  

What Are Chrysoprase's Metaphysical Healing Properties?

Chrysoprase opens, activates and provides energy to our the heart and sacral chakras. Chrysoprase brings a yin-yang balance.  It's a perfect crystal for meditation as it instills a sense of being a part of wholeness.  

Chrysoprase promotes truth, trust, optimism and a positive outlook. It promotes joy and happiness, easing depression and anxiety. It stimulates creativity and enhances your natural talents. Chrysoprase is a perfect crystal for releasing emotions, healing heartache and attracting new love.  If you have compulsive behaviors or thoughts it can help sooth and grounding them.  Chrysoprase can assist in releasing judgmental thoughts and bring acceptance. 

Chrysoprase promotes feelings of love and forgiveness, and will help you to release ego based negativity associated with co-dependent relationships.

Physically, Chrysoprase is a strong antioxidant crystal. It cleanses and purifies the digestive system, mind and vital organs. If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from bad dreams, sleep with a Chrysoprase crystal or bracelet under your pillow.  It is also widely used in balancing hormones and enhancing fertility as well as relieving exhaustion. 

    If You Are Drawn to Chrysoprase:

    It indicates you could use an emotional boost and makeover as it bring joy, happiness and optimism.

    Chrysoprase Symbolism:

    Chakra: Heart

    Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini + Libra

    Birthstone: May

    Element: Earth

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