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Our Favorite Crystals + Gemstones for Anxiety Relief

The Best Crystals for healing anxiety

If you've landed on this page, it's safe to assume that you are looking for natural relief and peace from anxiety. The good news is, we are here to help you with that search!

It is said that crystals contain metaphysical energies and properties to help heal, soothe or manifest changes. Whether you believe this or not, part of the magic comes in letting go of your beliefs and creating faith. 

We favor mixing combinations of crystals and stones in each piece. For instance combining Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate brings together a balance of both your crown and throat chakras so that you can speak thoughtfully. Or Moonstone and Hematite to create a positive, nurturing and grounded energy for yourself.

When it comes to calming anxiety we've got some favorite stones:

Amethyst for Anxiety

Crown Chakra

Energies: Spiritual Awareness, Inner peace, Healing, Positive Transformation, Balance, Relieves Stress + Anxiety, Communication, Intuition, Trust, Meditative.

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FLuorite for Anxiety, stress

Third Eye Chakra

Energies: Harmony Between Mind + Heart, Renewal, Clear Thinking, Releases Trauma + Addictions, Helps Work Through Difficult Situations

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Rose Quartz for Anxiety

Rose Quartz:
Heart Chakra

Energies: Emotional Detox, Self Love, Self Esteem, Clears Old Patterns, Nurturing, Femininity, Attracts Love.

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Hematite for Anxiety

Root Chakra

Energies: Grounding, Releases Worries. Clarity

View our Hematite Pieces >>



Lepidolite for Anxiety

Crown + Heart Chakras

Energies: Calms Emotions, Awareness, Trust, Transformation

View our Lepidolite Pieces >> 


Citrine for Anxiety

Solar Plexus Chakra

Energies: Motivation, Creativity, Self-expression, Concentration, Optimism, Joy, Lifts Depression + Fears

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Moonstone for Anxiety

Third Eye + Crown Chakras

Inner Growth, Strength, Reflective, Calming, Happiness, Love, Insight, Abundance

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Several of our pieces add aromatherapy to the mix. Placing a drop or two of essential oils such as lavender or Ylang Ylang can ease feelings of anxiety.

We hope this information will help you, and if we can custom create a piece for you using any combination of these stones, please contact us!  Or view our complete collection of Anxiety Crystal Pieces

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