Fertility Bracelet Success Stories

Success Stories With Our Fertility Bracelets: 

We are sharing some wonderful notes from customers who've had great success with our fertility bracelets and fertility jewelry. If you have a success story for us, send us photo of your + pregnancy test and we will send a little congratulations gift out to you too!

Here are some of our fertility bracelet success stories:

I received my bracelet about two weeks ago and a week after I got my period, I have PCOS and struggled with irregular periods. 

Maria V~ Bracelet purchased: In Abundance Fertility Bracelet

Dear InJewels:

Last year I purchased both a men's black coral fertility bracelet for my husband and a women's blush fertility bracelet for myself. We had been trying for a baby for several years, and we had 6 unsuccessful IUI procedures. In August 2017, we used all our money, said all the prayers, wore our bracelets, left the province, and had an IVF procedure. Zoë Jean Wheeler was subsequently born on April 22nd, 2018, our perfect little miracle. Thank you for helping our dreams come true.


Sand S (a photo was enclosed  of their beautiful baby girl)


I bought the IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet for myself and the Men's Positive Fertility Bracelet for my hubby.
We had been trying naturally for 6 months, with 2 early losses.
We started crystals, and wore out bracelets everyday, along with having crystals under our bed and I had a necklace.
We did that for one month and got pregnant!
I'm currently 9+5, and the baby is growing and heart is beating ❤
I recommend to everyone I meet who's having trouble.

- Rikke and Mads ~Bracelet Purchased:  IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet

I have been wearing my bracelets for about a week and I was finally able to have an egg retrieval on Sunday morning (5 eggs retrieved, 4 of them were mature and 3 of them fertilized. This is the furthest my husband and I have gotten in our journey. Since April we have had 2 unsuccessful IUIs, 2 months of rest because of cysts, a canceled IVF because I only had one follicle which was changed to another IUI, which was also unsuccessful. I hope and pray that these bracelets give me the stregthen and positive thoughts that we need for this cycle to be successful! Thank you very much for your dedication and support! Oxox ~ Bracelet purchased:  IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet

Beautiful bracelet that I wore all the time for a solid month. Just took a bunch of at-home pregnancy tests, after months of negatives, I got my positive. I don't know if it was all the stone's work, but the bracelet helped me focus, stay prayerful and stay calm - with the phrase "believe." I'm wearing it thru my pregnancy and believing for a healthy baby!  ~ Bracelet purchases:  PCOS + Cycle Regulating Bracelet

Purchased this fertility bracelet in October 2016. On February 13, 2017, I was experiencing some odd symptoms (lower backache, dizzy spells, & nausea), so I took a home pregnancy test & it was POSITIVE. I would recommend this product 100% to anyone who is having trouble getting pregnant. ~ Bracelet purchased: Smoky Quartz Fertility Bracelet

Hi...I just wanted to let you know the bracelet I ordered worked for me! DH and I had been trying to have a little one for 8 months and nothing was happening. I bought my bracelet with a lot of doubt but remained hopeful.  I am 7 weeks into my first pregancy :) ~ Bracelet purchased: Fertility Meditation Set

I purchased this bracelet in November of 2014 on right before beginning my IVF journey. I wore it everyday since I got it. I now have a 6.5 month little girl. This morning my bracelet broke and I was devastated! I am SO HAPPY that a little frantic searching led me to your new site! I cannot wait to get my bracelet back on my wrist! Thank you! ~Bracelet purchased: IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet

I just wanted you to know that I ordered a bracelet after my first miscarriage, and I wore it throughout my pregnancy. Like others, I got a lot of compliments for it! miraculously, the bracelet fell off by itself about two weeks after I delivered a healthy baby! So thank you! I just ordered another bracelet as we are trying for a second baby. ~Bracelet purchased: Miscarriage + Pregnancy Loss Fertility Bracelet

I've taken just a snippet from an email a prospective customer sent us: "My niece purchased one of your bracelets a few months ago...she got pregnant the first month of wearing it after two years of infertility issues....so I am very interested in seeing if there is a chance with my particular situation...."

Hi there, I received my PCOS fertility bracelet from you a year ago today. I sit here now 25 weeks pregnant and I just wanted to say thank you for my wonderful piece of jewelery. It has been with me throughout my fertility journey - through IVF and FET and enabled us to have 4 top quality embryos. The first that was transferred during a FET cycle is the little boy now growing inside me and hopefully in 15 weeks we get to meet him :) Thank you so much xx ~Bracelet purchased: PCOS Fertility Bracelet

I knew of gemstone therapy for a while, and after my husband and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive for six months I ordered this set. After a month of wearing non stop, We got our positive test!! I am now 8 weeks along, and will continue wearing for my whole pregnancy. Was it the stones, who knows? But nonetheless we were not able to get pregnant after I found them. They are beautiful bracelets as well, I will be ordering from Injewels again. Good luck to all! ~Bracelet purchased: Unakite Spiritual Fertility + Pregnancy Bracelet Set

Okay so this one is in regards to our candles and not a bracelet:
Hi Nancy! I knew your oil would work, it was hard to be patient but I knew it was going to be well worth it and it was! I'm 47 and I'm a firm believer in teas, candles and oils. Not our first child but definitely our last! -Thank you!!  ~Candle purchased: Fertility Aromatherapy Candle

I just wanted to say you did a custom IVF/Fertility/Miscarriage bracelet for me in the Summer and I love it. It helped too. We finally had a successful IVF pregnancy and no full pregnancy miscarriage. I only lost one of the babies instead of the usual both! Thank you for having a website for this. I also get tons of people telling me how beautiful the bracelet is. ~ Bracelet purchased: A customized version of the IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet

I bought this after a miscarriage. 2 mths later we are expecting. But I also always get compliments on it. Everyone loves it. ~Bracelet purchased: Smoky Quartz + Moonstone Fertility Bracelet

Received this from my MIL just before my 2nd IVF. The first IVF did not succeed. My 2nd one did!!! I started wearing this two weeks before my transfer and only took it off to shower. I have been wearing it daily for almost 7 weeks and am happy to say I am in my 5th week of pregnancy. I will not be taking this off any time soon. ~Bracelet puchased: IVF/IUI Fertility Bracelet  

I am so excited about receiving my latest purchase. It's so gorgeous. Your fertility and pregnancy necklaces brought me so much joy. I now have a beautiful and happy healthy 16 month old baby girl! Lots of love from Ireland...Design Your Own Necklace

I ordered from you in 2012 and the day after I received mine I found out I was pregnant. He's now 7months old and I love my fertility bracelet! Hopefully this will help my friend with IVF. Love your products <3  ~ Bracelet purchased: Healthy Pregnancy Bracelet

Just a quick little note to let you know that I purchased your PCOS fertility bracelet at the start of the year and after 2 and bit years of trying to conceive I am happy to report that I am 4 months pregnant naturally with my first little baby :) In Abundance Fertility Bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet that fit very well and it wasn't obvious that it was a fertility bracelet. Within a week of receiving this bracelet I was pregnant! Fertility Charms Moonstone Bracelet (This was a customer review left on Amazon.com)

I am a first time gestational carrier. We started meds for our transfer in August. After failed uterine lining checks X3, I bought the intended mother and myself fertility bracelets the end of October and in November we transferred 2 sweet embryos. I am now carrying twins for my couple!!! Success! Butterfly + Believe Fertility Bracelet

We are expecting a new little munchkin this June so I am happy to report the fertility bracelet worked. I want to wear it the rest of my pregnancy to help as well. PCOS Fertility Bracelet

I love rose quartz! My husband bought me a fertility bracelet from here that had rose quartz & within a few months we were pregnant!!   Fertility Goddess Bracelet

This fertility bracelet was so pretty I had to buy it for my sister. I am happy to say that she is now pregnant. So there is yet one more success for you!
~ Bracelet purchased: Butterfly + Believe Fertility Bracelet

I can't say we were trying for a long time but after our first month of missing the mark TTC I ordered this fertility bracelet and wore it right away . I also used ovulation strips and chaste tree till I got a positive on my ovulation strips. I truly believe that beautiful bracelet help me feel reassured that we would get pregnant soon and we did! I got pregnant that same month I got the bracelet and keeping close to me helps me calm down when I get scared like every other woman of misscarriage. I know another lady who had a misscarriage scare recently and I gave her one too so she can feel safe and calm that everything was going to be alright. I highly recommend this fertility bracelet its beautiful and just puts a smile on my face. 
~ Bracelet purchased: Healthy Pregnancy Bracelet

Hi Nancy
I bought this bracelet a few weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know that between lots of prayers and a lot of trying I'm now pregnant!! I like to think that your fertility bracelet had something to do with it! I'm 5 weeks today! I've been wearing the bracelet everyday since I got it and it's held up beautifully. Thank you so much for making such a nice bracelet and I've been telling other people about your site, as well. 
~Bracelet purchased: Butterfly + Believe Fertility Bracelet

Hi InJewels,
I'd been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and had gone through a number of IUI's as well as 1 IVF. My mother in law ordered a fertility bracelet from your shop and gave it to me 2 months ago. I am happy to say that I just found out I am pregnant. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship and for the luck in brought me in getting pregnant.

 "Got it on the 1st, put it on right away and haven't taken it off since... It's still early, but just found out our baby is expected to arrive the end of November!! Thanks again!!"
~Bracelet purchased: Believe Fertility Bracelet

I AM PREGNANT. You can't imagine how great it feels to be able to say this out loud. Thanks for the custom fertility bracelet you designed for me. It did the trick.
~Bracelet purchased: Misty Believe Fertility Bracelet