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InJewels began with a simple gift. A gift for a friend who needed a pick me up while going through medical treatment for infertility. Her son is now 6 years old.

The same TLC and positive wishes still go into each piece of jewelry.

Each piece begins with a thought or a purpose. Gemstones are selected based on the ultimate goal. A lot of thought and consideration goes into each design. And we love the challenge of creating a piece to suit our client's needs. Many of these custom pieces end up in our collection, in the hopes it will help someone else too!.

Each piece is is hand crafted and made in the USA. Most come with descriptive note cards, detailing each stone's purpose and properties. Every item is shipped in a gift pouch.

If you'd like a piece custom designed, Just contact us and we'll be happy to create something just for you!

At InJewels, we love to share our customers success stories and hope that you'll share yours with us, as well! 

Thank you for visiting us at InJewels. We wish you the best.

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