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What's Your Intention?

An intention is a guide for how you want to live your life and show up in the world. Ask yourself....what is it I desire most? That is where intention building begins.

Love + Happiness
Balance + Stability
Calmness + Emotions
Health + Recovery
Success + Prosperity
Spirituality + Growth
Fertility + Pregnancy
Chakra Balancing

Get This Look

An emotionally balancing set.

Charge your Root + Solar Plexus Chakras. 

Grounding, Stabilizing, with a Dose of Energy and Spirit. 

Rich golds, greens, coppers and browns

Fresh From The Studio

Nurture Your Soul Bracelet
  • From $ 30.00
Burnout Be Gone Bracelet
  • From $ 30.00
Past, Present, Future Bracelet
  • From $ 33.00
Clarity + Focus Bracelet
  • From $ 28.00

Fertility Bracelet Collection

Explore our wide selection of Fertility Bracelets. Each designed with a different purpose. For women and men. Need help in selecting the perfect one for you?Let us know!

Magical Fertility, Pregnancy + Childbirth Bracelets
  • From $ 30.00
In Abundance Fertility, PCOS + Hormone Bracelet
  • From $ 25.00
Whole Fertility Bracelet
  • From $ 27.00
IVF + IUI Fertility Bracelet
  • From $ 25.00

Men's Bracelets

Root First Chakra Bracelet
  • From $ 25.00
Confidence, Strength + Success Affirmation Bracelet
  • From $ 27.00
Unisex Serenity + Sobriety Addiction Recovery Bracelet
  • From $ 26.00
Men's Positive Fertility Bracelet
  • From $ 25.00

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