Each healing bracelet is thoughtfully designed using combinations
of natural gemstones with an intention or purpose in mind.

Made just for you, your piece will arrive with a descriptive note card and protective pouch.
High Vibrations
crystals for opportunity
Root Chakra Energy Bracelet
Love Energy Crystals Bracelet
Love Energy Bracelet
From $ 30.00
Peace of Mind Bracelet
Peaceful Mind Bracelet
From $ 29.00
Anahata Heart Chakra Bracelet
Whole and Complete Fertility Crystals Bracelet
IVF and IUI Fertility Bracelet
Fertility Bracelet
Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Amethyst fertility bracelet
Male Positive Fertility Bracelet
I Am Fertile Affirmation Bracelet
Abundant Life Gemstone Healing Bracelet
Abundant Life Bracelet
From $ 28.00
Circle of Calmness Bracelet
Confidence, Strength + Success Bracelet
Addiction Recovery Bracelet
Anxiety Bracelet for Calmness.
Friendship Bracelet Chakra

Our Top Pick Gems, Stones and Crystals for Increasing Fertility

Which stones, and crystals can best help boost fertility? Which stones can help regulate cycles? Male or Female, we've done the research for you! Find the best fertility crystals and gemstones for your needs so that you can find the perfect fertility bracelet. Need help selecting? Let us know!
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The Power Of Healing Crystals: Fact or Fiction?

So often, customers will reach out to us, asking us if gemstones and healing crystals really work?. We present to you this news piece recently produced by Fox News., It's short and sweet and definitely worth the watch.

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The Best Gemstones and Crystals for a Healthy Pregnancy + Childbirth

Which gems, stones and crystals are said to best encourage a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery? We've compiled a list of gemstones for you that includes each gemstone's healing properties.
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