Autumn Is In The Air. Can You Feel It?

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Listen with ears of tolerance. See through eyes of compassion. Speak with the language of love. ~ Rumi

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What's Your Intention?

An intention is a guide for how you want to live your life and show up in the world. Ask yourself....what is it I desire most? That is where intention building begins. When you set these pieces with a specific intention, you maximize each healing stone's potential. Each piece arrives with an intention card, teaching you how to program your stones and crystals

Love + Happiness
Balance + Stability
Calmness + Emotions
Health + Recovery
Success + Prosperity
Spirituality + Growth
Fertility + Pregnancy
Chakra Balancing

Fertility Bracelets

Explore our wide selection. Each fertility bracelet has been designed with a different purpose. For women and men. Need help in selecting the perfect one for you?Let us know!

Sterling Lotus Flower Fertility Bracelet
  • From $ 35.00
This Is a Different Pregnancy Bracelet
  • From $ 30.00
Men's Positive Fertility Bracelet
  • From $ 26.00
Magical Fertility, Pregnancy + Childbirth Bracelets
  • From $ 59.00

Unisex Bracelets

Mindful Eating
  • From $ 31.00
Root Chakra Energy Aromatherapy Bracelet
  • From $ 29.00
Courage, Growth + Abundance
  • From $ 29.00
Creating Prosperity
  • From $ 28.00

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