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Each and Every Piece.........

~ has been thoughtfully designed using natural semi-precious gemstones.
~ is handmade.
~ arrives with a descriptive notecard.

In Abundance Fertility, PCOS + Hormone Bracelet
From $ 25.00
Magical Fertility, Pregnancy + Childbirth Bracelets
From $ 30.00
Men's Root First Chakra Bracelet
From $ 25.00
Circle of Calmness Bracelet
From $ 25.00
Live With Love
From $ 68.00
True Voice Bracelet
From $ 32.00
Heart + Mind Bracelet
From $ 40.00
Balance Bracelet
From $ 80.00
Destiny Bracelet
From $ 73.00
Confidence, Strength + Success Affirmation Bracelet
From $ 27.00
Black Evil Eye Root Chakra Bracelet
From $ 25.00
Calm My Nerves Chakra Bracelet
From $ 26.00
Brights Seven Chakra Balancing Bracelet
From $ 24.00
Unisex Happiness Affirmation Bracelet
From $ 29.00
I am Energy Lava Stone Affirmation Diffuser Bracelet
From $ 25.00

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