Gemstones and Crystals for a Healthy Pregnancy + Childbirth

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Which gems, stones and crystals are said to best encourage a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery? We've compiled a list of gemstones for you that includes each gemstone's healing properties: 

Amethyst: Believed to offer protection and stability, purification, release tension, relieve physical and emotional pain. 

Aquamarine: Said by spiritual healers to help with headaches, insomnia, pain relief, fatigue, and be protective during pregnancy in preventing miscarriage.

Black Onyx: Can help give a mother-to-be stamina and strength to ensure a quick and easy childbirth. In fact, in many cultures, women in labor are given bags of onyx stones to hold while they are in labor to help relieve pain and speed the delivery. 

Chrysocolla: Has a very soothing energy while pregnant and assists in relieving labor pains. 

Garnet: Recommended for discouraging miscarriages. 

Lapis Lazuli: Helps the body reduce the physical stresses caused by pregnancy. Lapis helps to easy any difficulty during delivery. 

Malachite: Known as the “midwives stone” as it helps to stimulate contractions, ease labor pains and facilitates a safe childbirth. 

Moonstone: Powerfully affects the female reproductive system, enhancing fertility and promoting ease in pregnancy and childbirth, balances the hormonal system and eliminates fluid retention. 

Moss Agate: A birthing crystal, Moss Agate assists midwives in their work, lessening pain and ensuring a good birth. 

Orange Calcite: Promotes positive thinking and clears feelings of stress, fear and tension. May be helpful energetically healing the reproductive system. 

Peridot: Said to be helpful during childbirth by stimulating contractions and opening the birth canal. Can also help to dispel postpartum depression. 

Rose Quartz: Protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. Its loving nurturing energy is powerful in times of stress and healing to mother and child. The healing properties of the stone may aid fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. The ultimate gemstone for love. 

Unakite: Recommended for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Many doulas will not deliver a child without the presence of Unakite. 

White Agate: Helps to protect mother and baby from harm, soothes labor pains, eases morning sickness, ensures a healthy milk flow for the baby. 


We hope this information will help you, and if we can custom create a piece for you using any combination of these stones, please contact us!  Or view our full collection of gemstone and crystal jewelry for pregnancy and childbirth >>



This is great! Thanks for putting it together. I’m writing a post on the herbs, stones, and essential oils that can help in healing after childbirth, so I’ll be linking this as a resource. :-)

P.S. The info on Black Onyx was added onto Aquamarine rather than being given its own paragraph. As a blogger myself, I’m sure you’d like to get that minor edit taken care of. ;-)


I came across your website and was interested in the fertility and pregnancy bracelets. I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks and we want to try again. Could you please help and advise which one will be best for me to order? I’m interested in a healthy pregnancy and child birth bracelets as well. Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

I would give the migraine bracelet to my mom. She stresses so much over my brother and I, that it causes her to have severe migraines and depression. I wish that she would start to live her life for her. We are both grown and can take care of ourselves.

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