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How to Use Crystals + Stones for Fertility

Fertility Crystals + Stones: How to Use

One of the most popular questions we receive is:
How do I use crystals to help me with fertility and conceiving?

 Crystals have been used for thousands of years in various cultures, worldwide. Chinese medicine has always been a firm believer in utilizing the powers and metaphysical properties of crystals. Search the internet and you will undoubtedly find countless positive experiences in using crystals and stones for fertility. I used them when I was trying to conceive. Yet modern medicine and science do not support it. 

Fertility Crystals, Fertility Stones

Placebo effect? Perhaps. But the mind is a very powerful tool. 

There are ten fertility crystals we widely recommend, but don't think you have to limit yourself to just these ten. If you find yourself drawn to a specific crystal(s), it is because you are 'in need of" whatever energies and properties that stone carries. Your fertility crystals are a very individual and personal thing. Pick what speaks out to you.

By the same token, the ten crystals we recommend bring other wonderfully magical energies besides fertility. Rose Quartz for example not only helps to promote fertility, it also brings unconditional love, compassion, trust and opens the Heart Chakra. 


Along with the metaphysical properties of a crystal or stone, are Chakra properties. 

Put simply, Chakras are energy centers within our bodies. There are seven chakras, each aligned with a color and location center. They start with our Root Chakra and work their way up to the top of our heads in the Crown Chakra. 

The Chakra that is directly tied to reproductive organs and desire is our Sacral Chakra (Orange).

Other chakras come in to play too! Our Root Chakra (Red) for stability, our Heart Chakra (Pink or Green) for love, compassion and self care and our Crown Chakra (Purple) for calming the mind and spiritual guidance. 

You can use crystals and stones for both their metaphysical and chakra energy benefits together. They are not stand alone concepts or practices. 


So how do you use crystals and stones to help with fertility?

There are several ways:

  1. Wear your crystals. For instance, the most common practice is in wearing a fertility bracelet. However, it's said that if you want to receive benefits from a crystal or stone, wear it on your left arm. If you are looking to release energies, such as anxiety, wear it on your right arm.
  2. Carry your crystals. You can place your crystals in your pocket using the same theory of left for receiving and right for releasing. 
  3. Sleep with your crystals. Sleep is a (hopefully) restful extended period of time to let your crystals work their magic. You can place them under your pillow, under your bed or on your nightstand. 
  4. Meditate with your crystals. Meditation or yoga is always option for incorporating crystals into your life. Here again, you can wear them or keep them by your side. You can also take some time out to lay down and place them on your belly for 15 minute periods of time. You can work with a crystal grid too. We always include an affirmation with our fertility bracelets as positive mindset tool, and you can use those same affirmations in your meditation practice. 
  5. Bathe with your crystals. Another relaxing practice for harnessing the energies of your fertility crystals. You can place them on the side of your bath along with some fertility essential oils for aromatherapy, or in your bath. Should you choose to use them in your bath, I would suggest only using stones that rate a 5 or over on Moe's Hardness Scale, as water can breakdown crystals. 


When your fertility bracelet or crystals arrive, here are my suggestions:

  1. Cleanse and charge these stones. Place your crystals outside or by a window where they can soak up moonlight over night. We recommend moonlight because some stones can fade in sunlight. 
  2. Hold the fertility crystals close to you.  Take some quiet time to focus and visualize your intentions. Breathe leisurely and repeat an affirmation that inspires you until you feel connected to that intention. .
  3. Your fertility crystals are now ready for use!

Repeat these steps each time you feel a lull in their energy.


As always, If I can help you in the selection of crystals or design of a custom fertility crystal bracelet, please reach out to me!


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