What Are The Best Crystals for Negative Energy Protection?

First off, what do I mean by negative energy? 

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt a great, happy energy that feels contagious? That's positive energy.  Now think about a time you met someone for the first time and instantly felt dragged down. That's negative energy. 

Energy is infectious and often we aren't even aware of the exact reason why we walk away feeling down, or pessimistic, or in a completely negative state of mind. Being in the presence of people or situations with negative energy is not only mentally and emotionally draining....it is physically draining too. 

Negative Energy people are toxic to our sense of self and spirit. They are often judgmental, unhappy, fast to put others down, insecure and serial complainers. As a result, you might feel yourself shrinking or uncomfortable. While your instinct might be to walk away, sometimes you are stuck with this "Negative Nelly" because she may be signing your paycheck or may be  a family member

There are times when you can disconnect yourself from the source of negative energy, but more times than not....we have to find a way to deflect and manage that toxic person or situation.

One way of managing this is with the use of crystals, and I'm going to share with you my personal favorites. 

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What are my picks for the best crystals for protection from bad and negative energy?

Amethyst, Negative Energy Protection Crystal

Amethyst: Amethyst is a completely wonderful stone because of it's ability to calm knee jerk reactions to toxic people and situations. It's a gentle stone that raises positive vibrations. Amethyst transforms negative thoughts into positive ones, shifts depression into a state of contentedness. Plus it heals and soothes emotions. 

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Tigers Eye: Tigers Eye is a hugely grounding stone, which is perfect for staying rooted and true to who you are in the presence of negative energy. Tigers Eye brings a fantastic sense of self confidence and that's also perfect for staying true to your own positive energy. Silent strength is another wonderful metaphysical property of Tigers Eye. With silent strength comes great personal power. The ability to say "no" without ego. One final bonus is it's relationship to the Third Eye Chakra which brings intuition and trust in your gut feelings. 

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Hematite Crystal stone negative energy protection shield

Hematite: Hematite is an awesome crystal for focusing energy and emotions. This helps in standing your ground without confrontations. It's connection to the Root Chakra ensures this sense of grounding. Hematite also absorbs negative energy which prevents YOU from absorbing it instead. 

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Pyrite: Pyrite is a perfect crystal for shielding you from negative energy, be it physically, emotionally and environmentally. It also acts as a motivator, providing confidence and empowering you to not participate in confrontations with toxic, negative energy people, (Aka: Walkaway, ignore, iet it go.) Pyrite's bonus is in opening your mind up to a new way of thinking, an absolutely wonderful thing in the development of not letting toxic people get to you. 

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Labradorite: Labradorite is perhaps one of the most powerful of crystals and rightly so as it creates an almost impermeable shield around you.  It strengthens your natural aura and helps guide you to a higher level of awareness. Labradorite's bonus in the picture is it's ability to infuse a sense of unlimited potential and magic into your life. 

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Turquoise:  Turquoise is a great on a few levels. First, it cleanses your mind, body and spirit of any and all negative energy. Second, it is a protective healer. Combine these together and the result is a powerfully uplifting and positive energy. This combination allows you to approach any negative energy situation with a clean, fresh mind and renewed positive energy. Like Amethyst it is a calming crystal but it differs in that it supports the Throat Chakra and brings wisdom, making for thoughtful communication. 

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Bronzite Negative Energy Crystal Best Protection

Bronzite:  Bronzite is an overlooked and under appreciated stone, but It's among my personal "go to's". Not only is it grounding and protective, it is perfect for indecision and feeling overwhelmed or powerless. All side effects of negative energy.  Bronzite is a champ in stabilizing you with courage, confidence and spirit. Repelling those negative energies off and away from you. Those times when you're not sure how to handle a situation? Make sure to have Bronzite!

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Tourmaline: Tourmaline is royalty as far as negative energy for it's metaphysical ability to absorb, neutralize and dissipate. Making it especially effective for energies such as envy, hate, anger, competitiveness. 

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Black Onyx: I like Black Onyx for when you are feeling drained by negative energy. While several stones can absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy, Black Onyx also heals old/repeated wounds, stabilizes fears and anxiety. When you are coming from a healthier state of mind it is easier for you to do your life with a positive outlook and confidently protected state of being. 

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Mantra: I call all of my power back to me now

Do you have a personal favorite crystal or mantra for negative energy? I'd love to hear!

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Best wishes,

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