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Get Out of Your Head and Get Into Your Heart.

'Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.'

Much easier said than done, right? 

I recently read something that sticks with me now daily: 

'You don't attract what you desire, you attract what you are' Wayne Dyer

What is it that you desire? Love? Friendship? Passion?

So often we get stuck in dissecting situations, analyzing 'What does it mean?', inserting blame, feeling wronged, trying to change outcomes.  What happens when we get stuck in all the noise in our head? Life passes us by. We give up living in the now and dwell on the past. We make up stories and outcomes that don't NEED to be true instead of allowing life to come to us. 

Today, try something new. Get out of your head. Focus on what you desire and do something different: Give to others what you desire for yourself. Attract love by giving love. Let go of the noise......the details don't matter anymore. 

I wear this Heart Chakra Bracelet when I am feeling stuck in my noise. Looking at it makes me smile, inspires love and happiness.

Find your inspiration, wear it proudly. Think less, feel more.

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