What are Your Wishes + Hopes?

We're all about inspiration and motivation here. We design from hopes. We create for wishes.

So what are your wishes, hopes and aspirations?

Tell us yours and enter for the chance for a custom designed bracelet to inspire you on your own personal journey! 

We'll announce two winners on 6/7/2013. The first place winner will win a free custom designed bracelet. The second place winner will win 50% off a custom designed bracelet.

Just share your thoughts in the comment section below and you are automatically entered!


Nancy OMalley

to get married, have one more child ,love and joy and peace

Nancy OMalley

My hope and dream is that I can carry just one more pregnancy to term! I just lost my fourth one, and doctors are baffled as to why……

Nancy OMalley

My wish is that everyone’s wishes and dreams come true for themselves and their families. xoxoxo

Nancy OMalley

My wish is to carry a pregnancy to full term. I have miscarried 3 times in the past 3 years :(

Nancy OMalley

I wish for my mother to do well with her chemo and for remission for her.

Nancy OMalley

I’m hoping that after 18 months and 2 miscarriages, we can finally conceive our rainbow baby this summer!

Nancy OMalley

My hopes and dreams have always revolved around motherhood. After failed adoptions and welcoming 3 kids into our home through foster adoption, I’m hoping that this possibility of a baby, our first baby, comes true!

Nancy OMalley

I’m hoping for financial stability and to get my family back on track :)
Love your jewelry!

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