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Let's Talk About Apatite

Let's Talk About Apatite

Apatite Healing CrystalsNo....not your appetite! The Apatite Crystal! Have you ever lost focus in your life? Felt like you're on a hamster wheel and not mindfully living?

Then Apatite is the perfect crystal for you!

Apatite is the stone of Manifestation and helps to clear away the fog. It instills the energies of motivation and inspiration. Apatite encourages clear communication through our Throat Chakra, not only in self-expression but in communicating with ourselves. The things we feed our minds.

Apatite awakens our clarity, provides a balance between being an adult filled with obligations and following our dreams and desires. Perhaps my favorite metaphysical property is the boost in willpower that Apatite provides, especially with staying in these days. It's so easy to reach for a glass of wine or my son's snacks!

Overall, Apatite magnifies and strengthens your intentions, giving you the clarity of mind necessary for deepening your focus and spiritual awareness.

Physically, Apatite aids in the absorption of calcium, helping cartilage, bones, and teeth as well as healing bones and encouraging the formation of new cells.  It improves arthritis and joint problems.  Apatite can successfully help in suppressing hunger and raising the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating. 

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