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Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Properties at a Glance:

Zodiac Sign(s): Taurus, Libra Rose Quartz Healing Properties
Chakra(s): Heart and Root
Emotional Properties: Love, Compassion, Calming, Reduces Grief, Passion, Self Esteem
Physical Properties: Fertility, Childbirth, Circulation, Heart Ailments, Kidney, Sleep


Rose Quartz....the stone of love.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

I could leave it at that since love is perhaps the most widely known of Rose

Quartz's healing properties. But then you'd be missing out on so many of this pink gemstone's other wonderful properties, meanings and powers.......

Like the fact that it's connected to love and the heart chakra. It's also said to stimulate blood flow, the heart, and the circulatory system. Rose Quartz can calm palpitations, stabilize irregular rhythms and reduce stress. It’s an ideal stone for those suffering from heart disease or heart weakness.

And for all of the wonderful women looking to conceive?  Rose quartz gemstones and crystals nurture your reproductive system and increase fertility. 

If you’re already pregnant, Rose Quartz brings healing wonders after birth, especially if delivery has been complicated or if you suffer from postpartum depression. Wearing Rose Quartz deepens your connection to your unborn baby.

More healing properties of rose quartz include releasing impurities in the cells of our bodies. It loves to take care of the adrenals and kidneys. Have a cough or a sore throat? Wear Rose Quartz! Having trouble sleeping and want to encourage sweet dreams? Again, wear Rose Quartz. 

As for Rose Quartz's emotional healing, this soft pink gemstone can attract love into your life. It can also raise your self-esteem and self-worth. 

If you are dealing with grief or have difficulty with empathy and compassion, Rose Quartz can help here as well. 

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

Love heals all, and since rose quartz is the Love and Heart stone, it’s believed to
comfort even the most heartbroken. It dives deep into the Heart Chakra, bringing you comfort as it releases all of the pain, sorrow, and fear which may be interfering with your heart’s ability to give and receive love. Rose Quartz is an aphrodisiac and stimulates tenderness, passion, and intimacy. 

If you’re holding onto resentment or have never felt love from a partner or even a
parent, Rose Quartz can help you heal those buried wounds. The calming shades of pink will help with inner peace and promote self-love. Once you come from a peaceful place of loving yourself, your heart will be ready to infinitely give and receive love.

Spiritually, Rose Quartz connects the divine triangle from the human Heart Chakra to the heart of the Earth to the heart of the Universe. This powerful triangular connection has the gusto to completely change our vibration and alter our cells for joy, positivity, and vitality, releasing us from the negativity. It allows the light to shine from within us.

Love is the basis of our interaction with the world. Ruling the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz can help teach us about the true nature of love. It helps us make sense of our world by creating a balance between who we are and how we live and interact with all in our environment.

Impressive, huh?

For all of you Taurus and Libra out there, take note that rose quartz is the birthstone for these two zodiac signs.

Nourish your heart and let love conquer all with the assistance of Rose Quartz

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