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What Stones + Crystals Are Right For Me?

Which Gemstone Crystal is right for me

There are SO many stones, so many color variations, and textures. So many stones that have similar healing properties and energies.

For example, you can find calmness with soft Blue Agate just as well as Rose Quartz.

How do you decide?

I put a lot of thought into each of the bracelets in the shop here.

Sometimes the inspiration for a piece comes from a color, a mood, an intention, or a beautiful strand of stones that I pick up that just yell to be worn. Other times the inspiration comes from a custom request.......and that is a fun challenge for me. (Feel free to challenge me!)

When it comes to what I wear personally, it all depends on my state of mind. If I want to maintain that "feeling" happy or loving. Maybe I'm in a slump or unmotivated or cranky and want to flip that energy?  Maybe I need a reminder to stop eating jelly beans (my personal addiction) and be more mindful of eating better? 

Sometimes I just want to accessorize an outfit :)

But more times than not, I just slip on whatever it is I am drawn to that day.....and I think that is the most interesting thing. Because oftentimes what a person is drawn to is exactly what they need at that moment for a reason they are not conscious of yet.

And that is really the answer to what stone or crystal is right for you. It is the one or ones that you are drawn to for whatever reason and no matter what the healing properties or bracelet title is. 

When it comes to color, I am almost always drawn to pinks, which is why you see so much of it here. Pink stones are like jellybeans for me! From pale to hot, bright pink. I love every variation, especially if it has some texture to it. Almost every stack of bracelets I slip on has some kind of pink. 

So I wondered, what does being drawn to pink mean for me? Well, I dug into Google and found a read I thought was worth sharing you  Color Therapy: You Attract What You Need.

Take a few minutes and give it a read. I think you'll find it pretty interesting! Come back and share what you think with me!


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