Men's Tiger's Eye Healing Fertility Chakra Bracelet

$ 27.00

A wonderful combination of gemstones with metaphysical properties and chakral balancing effects. This bracelet was designed to help increase motility, mobility and maintain emotional strength.

Tiger's Eye: Used for treating disorders of the reproductive system and for enhancing fertility. It is a key gemstone in balancing the Sacral Chakra, which governs fertility. It also works to increase creative communication and decrrease anxiety

Black Coral: Assist with conception, nourishes blood cells, and can help increase sex drive. It is said to be an emotional healer, bring peace, stimulate intuition, enhance virility and fertility as well as relieve stress.

Rutlitated Quartz: An excellent stone for increasing male fertility, as it stimulates growth and regeneration in cells and assists in correcting impotence. It also alleviates depression and lifts spirits. It also helps to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra and ultimately the prostate (which is responsible for a healthy flow of semen). 

We've used gold dipped heishi beads in this bracelet's design. Gold brings........success.

As pictured, our Men's Tiger's Eye Healing Fertility Braclet measures 8 1/4" and arrives to you in a gift pouch with a descriptive note card. This note card explains the healing properties of the gemstones used in the bracelet's design.

Cleansing + Charging

Focus on Your Goal.......
When your jewelry or crystals arrive, hold the stones close to you.  Close your eyes and focus on what you hope to accomplish. 

Periodically, the stones should be cleansed and recharged .

1. Focus on using it with the intention of clearing negative and unwanted energies from the crystals.

2. Placing your piece outside or by a window where they can soak up the sunlight or moonlight for a day/night to a week is very beneficial. Do be careful though, as some the colors of some stones may fade in the sun. A few of the stones that will fade in the sun are amethyst, celestite, opal, and turquoise. If you have any doubts at all, be sure to use only moonlight cleansing.

3. After cleansing, hold the piece close to you again and take some quiet time to focus and visualize your intentions. 

Your crystals and gemstone pieces are now ready!

*Each piece we ship arrives to you cleansed and charged.

(Please keep your jewelry pieces free from water, lotions, hair products and perfumes.)

Custom Requests

We are happy to accomodate sizing requests. If you would like your piece created in a size other than what is listed, please add that request in a note during checkout. 

Women's pieces: If you would like your selection made larger than 8 1/4", please contact us before ordering

Men's pieces: If you would like your selection made larger than 9 1/4", please contact us before ordering.

Shipping Information

Each piece arrives cleansed, smudged and ready for wear!

Please note that each piece is hand made and ships in 3 to 5 business days*, regardless of the shipping method you choose. We offer free shipping on domestic orders over $40.  If you should need your purchase created faster, please contact us before ordering :)  Thank you!

*Please refer to our detailed shipping information regarding business days:

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