What should you give to all of those beloved, perfectly imperfect people in your life?
Let us point you in the right direction! 


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Rose Quartz Crystal Point (716923797531)
Price: Under $20
Seven Chakra Balancing Bracelet with Gemstones (919269572)
Price: $20 to $35
Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Amethyst fertility bracelet (386071952)
Price: $35 and Up
Rainbow Chakra (5286365757603)
Multi Chakra Bracelets
Heart Chakra Green
Love + Happiness
Pregnancy Gift (5779858096291)
Fertility + Pregnancy
Heart Chakra Green
Balance + Stability
Breast Cancer Healing Bracelet (78134052)
Health + Recovery
Heart Chakra Green
Calmness + Emotions
Heart Chakra Green
Success + Prosperity
Heart Chakra Green
Spirituality + Growth
Agate Geode Crescent Moon (4499382763613)
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