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Good Things

$ 36.00
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You begin by expecting good things to happen ~ Tom Hopkins

~ Apatite ~ Peridot ~ Turquoise ~ Golden Tigers Eye
Throat, Heart + Solar Plexus Chakras
Clarity, Self Expression, Self Starting, Optimism, Joy, Magnifies Intentions, Renewal, Rejuvenation, Stress Relief, Confidence, Good Fortune, Good Health

Designed with an Apatite Focal stone, surrounded by 8mm sized stones, our Good Things bracelet radiates energies of joy and motivation. 

Your handmade bracelet arrives with an organic cotton jewelry bag along with a descriptive note card. A gift box available at checkout.

Here's How to Determine Size:

Simply measure your wrist in the area you'd like your bracelet to sit. Skimming the skin. Not loose, not tight. Add 1/2" to 3/4" to that for your bracelet size. The larger the stone size, the larger you'd like the bracelet to lean towards.

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Ra E.R.
Absolutely gorgeous!

This bracelet is truly gorgeous in person with very rich-looking stones and peaceful, joyful energy. It has become one of my favorites from this wonderful shop. The apatite focal stone is a knockout next to the peridot and golden tigers eye. Very highly recommended!