thoughtful gemstone jewelry ~ custom created

I Am Calm

$ 34.00
Swarovski Crystals

Affirmation:  I choose calm energy

~Blue Lace Agate ~ Dragon Skin Agate
Calming, Tranquility, Ease in Communication, Eases Physical + Mind Stress, Wisdom, Memory, Expands Love, Mind/Body/Spiritual Balance,  Emotional Healing, Honesty, Peaceful Sleep

Designed with 10mm sized stones, this is an exceptional combination of gemstones for promoting peace in mind, body and spirit.

You may add Swarovski crystals to this bracelet if you wish. 

This handmade piece arrives with an organic cotton jewelry bag along with a descriptive note card. A gift box available at checkout.

Here's How to Determine Size:

Simply measure your wrist in the area you'd like your bracelet to sit. Skimming the skin. Not loose, not tight. Add 1/2" to 3/4" to that for your bracelet size. The larger the stone size, the larger you'd like the bracelet to lean towards.

Helpful Info