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Food for thought...



"You can't expect to receive that what you do not give." ~ A quote written by me and some food for thought for the day.


I can blame it on PMS or a number of other things, but the truth is....those mornings when I wake up stressed or cranky, I have pre-written my day. Stress and "crank" is what I am sending out to the world. And stress and additional reasons to be cranky is what I will attract.

I have learned that if I take a few minutes before getting out of bed and practice being mindful, I can change the energy of my day. I can let go of negative self talk and replace it with  affirming self talk. On those mornings where I wake up feeling stressed for all that lies ahead, I will lay for a few minutes and choose an affirmation that will help dig me out of negative energy. 

Today, my affirmation is
Today I choose joy
The bracelet I have chosen to wear today is my True Joy Bracelet.

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