A Thank You

We're so excited! 

In today's email we found a very special thing. A thank you note!

Back in September, Kelly bought a fertility bracelet from us. When she received the bracelet, she realized it was just a little too big. Kelly sent it back and we re-sized it for her. She wanted it in time for her next IUI. 

Anyway, the email she sent us had an attachment. Her 8 week Ultrasound. 

With Kelly's approval, we have shared it here with you.

We'd like to pay it forward, helping to keep the cycle of giving and wishes and hopes in a positive direction:

If you've purchased a bracelet or piece of jewelry from us and have some great story to share....we hope you'll come back and let us know. For every photo we receive, we'll donate 10% of the price of the piece you purchased to the Make a Wish Foundation.