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The Inadequate Conception

We'll be featuring a new giveaway each month,!

For this month's giveaway, we'll be giving away the bracelet of your choice! We'll have one lucky winner for the bracelet and another lucky winner who will receive a great book by Lori Green LeRoy entitled "The Inadequate Conception".

To qualify you'll need to:

1. Leave a comment with the link to the bracelet you'd like to win

2. Tweet the link to the bracelet you'd like to win or "like" the bracelet on Facebook

Easy enough?

You can earn an extra entry by both tweeting AND liking the bracelet on Facebook.

Make sure to post the link to your tweet or facebook "like"

This giveaway ends on 6/30/2012

Good luck to all!


Nancy OMalley

ld love to win the Coral Spiritual + Healing Bracelet.

Nancy OMalley

Congratulations to:

Summerbaby807 on winning the PCOS bracelet and CelestialAxis on winning “The Inadequate Conception”

Thank you to all for participating!

Nancy OMalley

I’m dying to know who won! =D

Nancy OMalley

I’d love to win Fertility Charms Moonstone Bracelet!

Link to my tweet:

Nancy OMalley

I’d like to win a Butterfly Wishes fertility bracelet!

Link to my tweet:

Nancy OMalley

I would love to win the Turquoise + Kokopelli Bracelet
I had put this in my favorites on my computer. I have been trying to have my 2nd child with no luck.

Nancy OMalley

I’d would love to win the Love and Fertility Bracelet

I facebooked & tweeted (snugglebunny822)

Thank you for this opportunity

Nancy OMalley

I would like to win the PCOS+Hormone Regulating Fertility Bracelet.
Tweeted From @summerbaby807

Nancy OMalley

I would love to win the Damara Fertility Bracelet

I tweeted from @carendd

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