The He(art) of Giving

"A gift is something that is enjoyed twice. First by the giver who revels in the pleasure of giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives the gift."

A wonderful thought and an even more wonderful action. 

I invite you to truly know the joy in giving from the heart.

On Thanksgiving eve, we will be giving away a piece from our shop...for you to give as a gift.

In the comments section below, or on our Facebook page, please tell us who you'd give one of our items to and which piece you'd give.  

We look forward to reading your comments..............

PS: Please be sure to include the name of or the link to the piece you'd love to give!


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Paola Reyes….we are happy to say, is the winner of our “heart of giving” event. In addition she will receive a $25 gift card to spend on herself.

For everyone else who entered, please contact us, as we have a special gift for you as well!

Thank you. I would very much like to give my beloved sister the- I Am Ageless Affirmation Chakra Bracelet. She went through many stressful life events this year. I hope she will be blessed with healing energy of Smoky Quartz and Mookite.

I would very much like to give my daughter a third eye Chakra bracelet. She is starting her venture into college and has a huge load of stress and indecision. This will aid her in opening up her intuition as to where she needs to be to reap the best benefits.

My grandfather died about 5 years ago and since then my grandma has been very lonely. I want her to have the compassion/passion bracelet because I think it will bring her healing, inner peace, and balance in her life. Not to mention when I saw this bracelet I immediately thought of my grandma. It looks like it belongs on her wrist. I have a fertility bracelet and she commented on how pretty it was so in addition to the bracelet’s healing qualities I know she’d love it. Thank you for this chance.

My daughter been trying to lose weight for a long time . I want her to have the bracelet .weight lost . So it can give her the thought of lost weight to be healthy

I would get the cancer spiritual healing bracelet for my best friend who has been through a battle with breast cancer this year.

I’ve been wanting to get a fertility necklace to my friend Ashleigh. She and her husband have began the next chapter In their lives in starting a family and wanted to give her something that will bring her patience, peace of mind, fertility of course and balanced before during and after. I bought one from you for her sister earlier this year and she is currently going through a healthy pregnancy and expecting a boy after 2 miscarriages??. So I wanted her to be blessed with positive energy to surround her in this time and to embrace it. She’ll just love it!

I would like something for my home that would help get rid of negative energy help us with True love, faithfulness and honesty,

My partner recently bought me the IVF/IUI bracelet to help us through our IVF Journey. I have a friend that has been through so much heartaches with her IVF journey I would love to give her this bracelet to help her regain some of her positivity back into her baby journey.

I need something to place in our home for peace, true love, faithfulness and honesty.

I would love to gift the Magical Fertility, Pregnancy + Childbirth Bracelet Set to my daughter Roseanna. She has been trying to have a baby with her husband for over 4 years now. She suffers from PCOS and a couple other problems. They visits a fertility specialist 1-2 times a month and have had no luck at all yet. I know she and her husband would be great parents and I would love to see the joy a child could bring them, and the love and devotion they would bring a child.

I would give to my sister the menopause moonstone bracelet or the healing bracelet. I buy your bracelets all the time and I bought both of us headache bracelets and hers broke so I think she probably needs a more of a healing type.

I recently purchased the pregnancy affirmation bracelet, as well for one of my dearest friends that has been trying to have a baby for over a year. She has been through 3 rounds of IUI with no luck and is getting ready to start IVF. The bracelet has helped her with her focus and to calm her.
I want to give the same bracelet to my other friend of 20 years, who is also been dealing with the same struggles for the last two years. I have watched her sadness grow with each month that they are unsuccessful. I know she would love it.

Lovely idea. I bought six of your joy, wonder, happiness bracelets for my friends as a symbol our of love and support for our dear friend who is battling cancer a second time. We all wear and love them. If I won I would give a bracelet to another dear family friend who struggles with depression and anxiety. All the best to everyone.

I would give the gift of the PCOS+Cycle regulating bracelet to my sister in law, Valarie, who suffers from PCOS

Hi, I got the fertility bracelet from you guys and I’ve been wearing it for a month now. I would like to give one to my older sister who wants to have a baby so bad. We both are, and hopefully we’re both going to be blessed with little bundles of joy…maybe at the same time. :)

I love your jewelry. I would send the pregnancy affirmation bracelet to my friend who tried for 2 years to get pregnant. Was a week away from IVF and got pregnant without it.

What a brilliant and,responsible idea! My last purchase from you was a fertility bracelet for one of my life long friends who had been through just about everything… Once she started wearing she finally convinced and gave birth to a little miracle. I have a coworker/friend facing the same challenges. I would love to bless her with this gift. One love! ❤

Beautiful idea!
My dearest friend has been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. I would love to give her hope with a fertility bracelet.
This one:

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