On Making Resolutions

Know that saying....

My resolution is to make no more resolutions

Yeah well, the above is my resolution for my remainder of time on this planet. This year I am doing it differently.....

I am making G*O*A*L*S

I'm getting too old to actually believe I'll cut down my spending, or wake up with light and love every morning. We break our resolutions just days into the year and toss them in the trash bin right after.

No, this year I am making goals. A purpose for waking up each morning. A purpose to doing my day. And a sense of accomplishment each night as I wrap it all up. 

So my purpose this year.........to live a more healthy and physical life. I truly believe that if I do this for myself, my mind and heart will follow, naturally.

I wish you smiles, love and a very safe, Happy New Year!


Love, InJewels

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