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Finding The Silver Lining

Finding The Silver Lining

Today, was the third "shut down" day for us here in NJ. Everyone in my home, IS home, with nowhere to go. Everything is closed or limited or restricted. It feels like a snow day. 

I'm watching the local news with all of the facts and scares but they are currently interviewing people on how this is affecting their lives. It reminds me a lot of 9/11.

Amidst the awfulness of that period, we as people bonded and connected. People needed help. People asked for help. People gave help. We had gratitude and appreciation for the people we love and life in general. And we expressed that gratitude. This area of the country had a really special vibe going on.  

So here we are again with more awfulness. Not just nationally this time. It's global. 

This pandemic, just like 9/11, is humbling because having money doesn't ensure immunity. Neither does race, religion, gender, nor political party. We are going to be stripped down to basics and simplicity for awhile.  We are forced to slow down.

I get we will all have worries and fears. Stress. Sadness. But perhaps you can find some kind of silver lining in this next chapter of your life.

Life is forced to change for a while. We have here a great opportunity to live a little less cluttered and scheduled. To live more mindfully, more in nature.  To let go of things, heal things, accept things, appreciate things. To do things you kept putting off. Find new ways and new levels of connecting with people. Find new outlets for joy, fun, love and perhaps unplug a little. To heal and grow. Reflect and reset.

And that was the intention behind the design of our Silver Lining Bracelet

Be well xo


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