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How to Release Negative Energy

How to Release Negative Energy. Protection + Negative Energy Crystals

Ah.....negative energy! It's everywhere. You can't see it, but you can certainly feel it!  It can come from anywhere. Unresolved emotions and feelings, to people, jobs, environment, computers, injuries and illness.

Bottom line....we are surrounded by avenues of negative energy, daily.

Negative Energy can be draining, especially to empaths and highly sensitive people. And since your mind and body are deeply intertwined, mental negativity can show up physically, too. It can hit your from all sides, robbing you of joy, happiness and sleep. 

Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space ~ Alex Elle

So What Can You Do To Release Negative Energy?

Spend time outside! There is nothing like fresh air and nature to exhale and clear your mind. 

Laugh. Laughter is of course the best medicine. Hormones triggered by laughter and smiling can heal the heart and mind. 

Meditate. Scientifically proven to calm and cleanse the mind. A regular meditation practice is day changing! Add yoga to your life and/or some aromatherapy to your life for sensory benefits too!

Clean and Organize Your Surroundings. Be it through spring cleaning, purging of 'junk" or feng shui, disorganized clutter is stressful and often filled with negative energy triggers. 

Be Conscious of Your Outlook. It’s a given that there are people in your life who are filled with negative energy. Understand that their negative energy is about them and not you. Once your interaction is over, remind yourself that it is not about you. Separating yourself this way, teaches you to release the negative energy quickly. By doing this, you are protecting your own positive energy.

Immerse Yourself In What Brings You Joy or Peace. For me, it is in being creative. It's a great release of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately cleansing of absorbed negative energy that has snuck up on me.

Crystals. Here, we are very clearly believers in the metaphysical powers and properties of crystals and gemstones. Among our "go to's" for protection and clearing negative energies are Hematite, Pyrite, Tigers Eye, Turquoise, and Tourmaline. (Read our article on The Best Crystals for Negative Energy Protection)

Stay safe (and warm!),

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