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Working With Crystals + Gemstones for Chakra Balancing

7 Chakras Balancing Gemstone + Crystal bracelet

From the bottom up is liberation and from the top down is manifestation. ~ Courtney Sau

There's no "one size fits all" approach to Chakra balancing, so I'm going to get a little personal here. We're not clones of each other, because while sitting on my front porch and unwinding brings me peace.....for you that might be a total bore.

The way I use crystals and gemstones for peace, also might not be up your alley either, but it works for me and I'll share it here with you. Sometimes it's a a head to toe (or toe to head) practice, and other times it's in approaching two or three consecutive chakras. 

I prefer to wear my chakra gemstones in the form of a bracelet. I like that at any point in my day, I can look down for a reminder and mentally ground myself. I like that in addition to wearing the appropriate color, I am wearing something that also has deeper metaphysical properties, like quieting an overworked mind or taking myself out of "chick with a dick" mode and into more nurturing feminine energy. 

There are a multitude of gemstones and crystals for each Chakra, so don't feel limited to the one or two that I suggest in this post. You're welcome to read a much larger list in our Seven Chakra Gemstone info page. 

So let's work from Crown to Root and manifest....

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, located at the top of your head instills awareness, connection, and purpose. If you're feeling a little lost in life, this is the Chakra you want to check in with. If you're like me with all of my mind clutter, you'll find that addressing your crown chakra can feel like a giant exhale. 

The crown chakra color is purple. 

There are two that are my standard go-to crystals for the Crown Chakra:

  • Lepidolite: Nature's anxiety and dopamine RX. With it's flecks of mica and lithium it brings peace to the mind. Helps to elevate mood. It's a bridge to higher consciousness and awareness. It brings inner peace and harmony. Lepidolite varies from pale periwinkle to deep plums. 

  • Amethyst: Specifically Flower Amethyst with its various inclusions of creams, browns and purples. Amethyst brings inner peace, intuition as well as peace and harmony.  It too connects you to a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awakening. It's a great stone to meditate with. 

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located between the top of your eyebrows. With an open Third Eye Chakra, you have the ability to see things with clarity and wisdom. Translate this to: going from confused, overthinking to being able to see with understanding and objectivity. It's also the Chakra that will aid you in moving through and past your ego. 

The Third Eye Chakra color is indigo.

My absolute, hands down favorite crystal is Kyanite for the Third Eye Chakra:

Kyanite in it's brightest and most gleaming blue, it can be a very expensive gemstone. The good news is, you don't need much because it's a very high vibration crystal. 

Kyanite brings understanding, calmness, attunement, and emotional balance. It sharpens Intuition. Perhaps the quality I love most is its ability to bring self discovery and expand your perception. A more open mind. 

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is located in, you guessed it.......the throat. And it's greatest purpose is to create an open and truthful line of communication. 

The Throat Chakra color is blue

I'm all over Larimar as a Throat Chakra gemstone: 

In both its bright variations as well as its rustic form, Larimar is wonderful for inspiring communication. Speaking your truth with a liberating freedom of fear. 

Larimar also serves as a bridge to the heart chakra, allowing you to speak from the heart. Further inspiring soulful communication. 

Heart  Chakra

Another obvious location....your heart. It's the epicenter of love and compassion. Both for yourself and others. An open heart chakra allows you to move past bitterness and let go. Freeing up space for healthy emotional well being. 

The Heart Chakra color is green, but it's very common to see it represented by pink. And this is where it's hard for me to narrow my personal favorites.

I am automatically drawn to pink and green gemstones, so it's tough to narrow it down.

  • Rhodochrosite. Swoon. I love in it's most imperfect forms, with striations of deep peachy pinks, ivories and browns. Rhodochrosite brings deeper personal connections along with a sense of unlimited freedom in your capacity to love. Rhodochrosite is another gemstone that bridges its neighbor chakra, the Sacral Chakra. Bringing the ability to love with a deeper passion. 
  • Kunzite is another favorite for me. Kunzite brings a softer type of love into your life. One that is more nurturing, calming and peaceful. It brings compassion and kindness In its highest grade quality it has an inner glow and a soft, rich color of pink with a tint of lavender. This makes Kunzite another bridge gemstone, as it connects with the Crown Chakra too. A Crown Chakra connection makes for a more spiritual type of loving energy.
  • Green Angelite is light and love. It helps to clear your heart of fears and toxic emotions. It inspires the ability to forgive and let go, bringing a sense of surrendering to trust. With these abilities in place, you free yourself up for love. Green Angelite in it's most earthy form goes from soft to deep minty green with inclusions of ivories and browns. 
  • Atlantisite. ::Chef's Kiss:: It is the stone of spirit. It's a natural combination of Serpentine and Stichtite, bringing a healing energy as well as a sense of protection. It allows your heart to live in the moment. Atlantisite stones have unique markings of a deep pink and earthy green, making it another bridge gemstone. A connection between the Heart and Crown chakras.

Solar Plexus Chakra

You'll find the Solar Plexus Chakra under the breast bone and above the belly button. Your upper abdomen. It is confidence, self esteem and personal power. If you're feeling stuck in life and in need of transformation.....the Solar Plexus Chakra is the place to address. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra color is yellow. 

There is no better stone to me than Citrine for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Citrine ranges from soft, earthy yellows and browns all the way to vibrant sun yellows. Either way, Citrine brings light to your life, joy, and positivity. It's a gemstone filled with personal power and confidence. It's the Vitamin C of gemstones. 

Sacral Chakra

Our Sacral Chakra is located just below your belly button, and is all about pleasure, creativity, sexuality and physical expression.

The Sacral  Chakra color is orange. 

I've got two favorites here 

  • Tigers Eye is a stone of confidence, courage and creativity a perfect combination of metaphysical properties for manifesting pleasure. The gold and brown colorations and inner glow of Tiger's eye help in bringing out your own glow.
  • Sunstone and it's gleaming deep peach color brings instant warmth to your heart. It lifts you out of any "down in the dumps" mood with light and fluffy playful energy. 

Root Chakra

At the base of your spine, the tailbone is where your Root Chakra resides. It is the sense of feeling grounded, connected and safe in life. It's commonly known as the survival chakra and is the most frequent out of balance. Financial issues? You'll find that balancing/opening the Root Chakra will help you in overcoming that. 

The Root Chakra color is red, but you'll often see it represented by Black gemstones. I seem to have a creative block in working with red gemstones, which is why you see so little of it in my designs.

My two favorites for the Root Chakra. 

Obsidian. Especially of the Silver Sheen Variety with it's glowy gray iridescence. Obsidian helps you trust your instincts and provides protection from negative energies. It helps ground you by removing past traumas and living more in the present moment. 

Red Jasper is a bridge between the Root and Sacral Chakras, with it's fiery, hot energy. While it grounds you, it also motivates you. It is nurturing and protective while also giving you courage and confidence. It is also a wonderful stone for absorbing negative energy.

Do you have any "musts" or favorite chakra gemstones? I'd love to hear!



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